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Wellness & Health Optimization

Tired of feeling exhausted, anxious and stressed? Not sure why you're having trouble remembering or feel groggy every single afternoon? Are you having difficulty losing weight - no matter what diet or exercise you try? 

Traditional medicine tells us these symptoms are "normal" and part of getting older. But the truth is, they're not. These symptoms are common, but they're certainly not normal.

Dr. Fulginiti's Health & Wellness Optimization program identifies the root cause of  symptoms and, in most cases, significantly reduce or even eliminate them. 

Dr. Fulginiti's 3, 6 or 12-month guided programs use advanced testing to determine the underlying cause of common conditions like fatigue, brain fog, inability to sleep, depression, anxiety and more. The results help Dr. Fulginiti craft a personalized game plan that includes nutrition and lifestyle guidance, supplements and personalized coaching to help you achieve your health and wellness goals.

Patients often complete the program feeling decades younger, healthier and more vibrant than they've been in years.  They're often able to reduce their prescription medications, saving money and reducing often dangerous side effects. 

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