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Post-Surgery Care

Surgery is traumatic, and the road to recovery can be long. But with the right plan and guidance, you can return to health quicker, perhaps even healthier, happier and feeling better than ever before.

Dr. Fulginiti's role as a wound care doctor, combined with his integrative, holistic philosophy, means he won't only treat the wounds post surgery, he'll look at you as a whole person - from your lifestyle and nutrition to your medical conditions - to help guide you on the path back to health.

Your Post-Surgery Game Plan

Dr. Fulginiti Will Complete the Following ...

  • Post Surgery Evaluation

  • Nutrition & Diet Assessment

  • Metabolic  Assessment

  • Physical Limitation Assessment

Following the assessment, Dr. Fulginiti will work with you, and your doctors, to develop a plan, including specific health goals, that will help you to recover physically, mentally and emotionally. 

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